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At Tiger's Den Martial Arts & Fitness, we've been helping people get in shape and achieve their fitness goals since 1994. Our professional instructors provide the quality training you need in order to get stronger and lose those extra pounds you've been trying to get rid of for so long.

Our fitness kickboxing program is not your every day exercise routine that quickly becomes old and boring after a few weeks - we make sure it's always changing, so that we keep our students challenged and looking forward to their next class!

Transform Yourself from the Inside Out at Tiger's Den Martial Arts & Fitness. 

Let Us Help You Reach Your Fitness Goals, While Learning Self-Defense Skills.

Benefits of our Fitness Kickboxing Classes

positive attitude

& Awareness

goal setting skills

& Confidence

Stress relief

Stress Relief

An Explosive & powerful martial art for personal defense & powerful fitness

Perhaps you need an amazing and reliable place to work out some stress and tone up your muscles.

Tiger's Den Kickboxing class has you covered.

We are proud to offer the services of some of the most professional instructors available. No matter what your personal goals may be, we can help you achieve them through world-class instruction and advanced techniques. Every class will provide you with the opportunity to burn off fat, tone up muscle tissue and improve your health.

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What Makes Fitness Kickboxing Different From Other Fitness Programs?

During their first week of training, men and women of all ages can expect to lose up to five pounds.

World class professional fitness instruction

You'll learn valuable
self-defense techniques

3 Ways Our Fitness Kickboxing Classes Help You Become Empowered:

stress relief

Stress Relief

Exercise can reduce the triggering effect of stress, and this also decreases the tendency to react strongly to everyday situations.


Improved self-esteem

Better health will leave you feeling better about yourself, inside & out!


Self Defense

Have a sense of confidence in the ability to defend yourself from techniques learned in class.

Tiger's Den Martial Arts & Fitness

Enjoy the Most Sweat-Soaked, Fat Blasting, Intensive Workout in Town

Stress relief

Stress Relief

Nothing in this world can relieve stress quite like a trained series of hits on a punching bag. You might need to enjoy a kickboxing class after a hard day at work, or perhaps you have some family stress to deal with and need a break from it all. Your stress will melt away as soon as you get started, and your home and family life can only improve from these results. 

confidence building

Build Your Confidence

Everyone feels better knowing that they are able to handle difficult situations. Anyone walking around at night may feel a sense of trepidation unless a pattern of self-confidence is strong enough to change these feelings. This sense of confidence is enhanced by skillful techniques learned in the kickboxing class.People of all ages, shapes and sizes can learn self-defense while having a blast!


Improved Self-Esteem

It is always a good feeling to look in the mirror and be proud of what you see. When you look at yourself in a positive light, this energy creates a positive spiral that affects others in your life. The reverse is also true, so it is always a good idea to cultivate your virtues on a daily basis. This can create a joyful experience of happiness that you can share with others in your life.

Hands down some of the absolute best MMA training and sports fitness training in the entire league City area absolutely clean facility and amazing staff ready to help you achieve any goal you set!

Isaac Cruzado

V12 Sports & Fitness

I've been to a lot of gyms, but this one for some reason makes me feel at home to where I can set my goals and accomplish them with no hesitation or distractions. Owned by great people and top of the line trainers! Well worth the money!

Shea Jewell Lee

V12 Sports & Fitness

Frequently Asked Questions

Our Teen & Adults Martial Arts program is for ages 13 & up.

We offer month to month memberships as well as savings on longer plans

Our Martial Arts classes' primary goal is to make sure our students have fun in a enjoyable, safe environment. Come and see a class for yourself - we all have a blast and our instructors do too.

No, our classes are a good mix of men and women of all fitness levels. Beginners train alongside some of the more experienced members, helping each other out in a enjoyable team environment.

Give yourself the gift that keeps on giving Begin your fitness journey!

This is a limited time offer! Only 25 total spots are available. 

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